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Tangle Roadmap Announcement

We're ready to share the latest developments and insights into our plans for Tangle. This update comes at a pivotal moment for the restaking industry, which is witnessing significant growth and investment.
Published on
June 26, 2024

Tangle Roadmap Update Spring 2024

Source: Reuters

Network Since Launch

First, let's take a moment to celebrate our key achievements as a network since launch, which demonstrate the strength and potential of the Tangle ecosystem:

Validator Growth: Our validator community has grown to an impressive 117 validators, showcasing the increasing decentralization and resilience of the Tangle network. This growth is a testament to the trust and confidence that validators have in our vision and technology.

Staking Metrics: As of June 2024, approximately 32.51% of the liquid TNT is staked, which is a remarkable achievement for the economic security of the network. With a total of 37,202,332 liquid tokens, we are making steady progress towards our goal of 50% staked TNT. This level of participation from our community is a strong indicator of the belief in Tangle's long-term success.

Inflation Rewards: Stakers continue to enjoy high inflation rewards during this early growth phase, with the network inflation rate currently at 4.40%. These rewards serve as an attractive incentive for participants to actively contribute to the security and decentralization of the Tangle network.


We've announced several exciting partnerships that will enhance the Tangle ecosystem:

Biconomy: This collaboration will integrate account abstraction, enabling a seamless web2-like experience for account flows, and making it easier for users to interact with Tangle.

Sygma: By integrating a bridge pallet, Sygma will enable cross-chain asset transfers and interactions between Tangle and EVM chains, expanding the network's interoperability.

Byzantine Finance: Partnering with Byzantine Finance will support re-staking aggregation, providing users with more options to maximize their staking rewards.

Dweillir: With Dwellir's support, Tangle now offers new public RPCs, improving the network's accessibility and reliability for developers and users alike.

These partnerships represent significant milestones in Tangle's growth and demonstrate our commitment to building a robust, user-friendly, and interconnected ecosystem.

Tangle's Vision and Roadmap

Our vision is to establish Tangle as the leading platform for creating and monetizing Actively Validated Services (AVS) through the deployment of Blueprints. Building upon our success with MPC networks, we aim to support a wide array of off-chain services such as AI inference, rollup infrastructure, proving markets, IPFS pinning, distributed validator nodes, and more. By providing an open, permissionless validator set and a developer-friendly Blueprint specification, we will enable anyone to easily create, customize, and operate these types of services with minimal effort.

Near-Term Priorities

1. Tangle dApp Enhancements:

Our immediate focus is enhancing the Tangle dApp to serve as a unified hub where users can discover, deploy, and manage Blueprint Instances. We are working to create a seamless user flow that empowers Blueprint creators to define the initialization process, participation selection strategies, and UX for their services.

2. Liquid Staking Partnerships:

We are forging partnerships with key protocols to deploy liquid staking tokens on Tangle for their assets. This will further drive interoperability, liquidity, adoption and ultimately bolster the economic security of Tangle’s Blueprints.

3. TNT Grant Program:

We are launching a general grant program to fund projects that contribute to the Tangle ecosystem, such as new Blueprints, integrations, and infrastructure improvements. The program will be managed through Tangle's on-chain governance, ensuring transparency and community participation. 

Medium-Term Initiatives (Q4 2024)

1. Service Generalization & Incentive Alignment:

We are actively generalizing Tangle's service infrastructure to achieve feature parity with leading AVS platforms. This will allow any developer to submit Blueprints, customize smart contracts for registration and request handling, and engage operators for restaking.

2. Scaling Tangle's Infrastructure:

We plan to expand Tangle's validator set and increase the number of quality AVS operators to meet growing demand. This includes providing clear hardware requirements and attractive incentives for validators to become operators. On the engineering side, we are working to scale the capacity of Gadgets on Tangle, enabling validators to run multiple gadgets and horizontally scale over a single Blueprint.

3. Polkadot Parachain & Crowdloan:

To bolster the economic security underpinning services on Tangle, we will launch a parachain bridge on Polkadot. This will allow us to create Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) for DOT that can be used to augment the security of Tangle cloud services. The parachain will also enable direct integrations with other Polkadot parachains, opening up opportunities for partnerships, cross-chain LSTs, and enhanced economic security across our restaking infrastructure.

4. Expanding Liquid Staking Integrations:

We are leveraging open source liquid staking infrastructure to rapidly expand the breadth of tokens that can be staked to secure Tangle's services. Initial integrations will include Livepeer, Matic, and TheGraph, enabling their token holders to stake while maintaining liquidity. Restakers will be able to earn rewards by depositing these Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) into the Tangle system, while Tangle operators perform the work of securing these services.

Long-Term Goals (2025 and Beyond)

1. Improved Developer Incentives:

As we open up service creation, we will evolve our reward system to better incentivize developers and service integrators, and we have several creative routes of exploration in mind.

2. AVS Development and Services:

We will continue to identify and integrate new decentralized service verticals into the Tangle ecosystem, positioning our platform as the comprehensive solution for outsourced infrastructure needs. We will foster innovation and collaboration within the Tangle community, encouraging developers to compose and link Blueprints to create sophisticated, interoperable applications.

These timelines are estimates and may change based on various factors such as development progress, market conditions, and community feedback. We will provide regular updates on our progress.

The Road Ahead

This is an ambitious roadmap, but one that we believe will establish Tangle as the premier decentralized cloud platform. By expanding to new service verticals, scaling our infrastructure, and aligning stakeholder incentives, we aim to drive adoption and unlock tremendous value for the Tangle ecosystem.

As always, we welcome community feedback and involvement as we embark on this next chapter for Tangle. Together, let's build the decentralized infrastructure of the future.

Tangle's Modular Restaking Infrastructure
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