Sygma x Tangle:
Expanding Tangle Network connectivity across EVM, Substrate, and more.


Sygma is a modular, open-source, cross-chain connectivity protocol. With Sygma, developers can easily extend their applications across EVM, Substrate, and beyond.

overview of partner

Sygma allows developers to expand their applications to new ecosystems and explore novel use cases with a versatile, modular protocol.

Partnership Summary

Sygma Labs solution comprises a specialized blockchain bridge pallet that can be integrated into Tangle. The key benefits this integration will bring include: Enabling Tangle to securely interact with external blockchain ecosystems. Allowing cross-chain transfer of assets between Tangle and EVM chains. Expanding the functionality and use cases for developers building on Tangle. Sygma Labs will provide professional services spanning development, integration, testing, security audits, and ongoing maintenance/support.