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Tangle Network Restaking

Amplifying MPC,
Advancing Rewards.

Engage in MPC (Multi-party computation) services with our restaking initiative, advancing cryptographic development and rewards.

MPC Driven Restaking Infrastructure

Tangle's Restaking protocol is integrated seamlessly into the MPC-as-a-Service (MaaS) infrastructure, allowing validators to directly contribute to the network's cryptographic capabilities.
How it works

Pioneering Advanced Cryptographic Development with Restaking

Become an Active Validator

Initiate your journey by becoming an active validator on the Tangle Network. This involves staking your tokens, which not only signifies your commitment to the network's integrity but also sets the stage for restaking and its associated benefits​​.

Create Restake Profile

Create your restaking profile by allocating a portion of your locked stake to roles within Tangle's MPC-as-a-Service infrastructure. Each role corresponds to a unique MPC protocol, broadening your scope of contribution and reward potential​​.

Select MPC Roles

Validators can choose to restake on a range of MPC protocols, including threshold ECDSA, BLS381, Schnorr signatures, zkSNARKs as a Service (zkSaaS), Trusted Setup MPC, and more.

Earn Rewards

Earn additional inflationary rewards, on top of standard validation rewards. These rewards are proportionate to the restaked amount, the jobs completed, and the roles performed.

Continuous Growth

With restaking, your role evolves as the network does. Benefit from continuous updates and enhancements to MPC protocols that reflect the latest in cryptographic advancements.
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Elevate Your Role in the Tangle Ecosystem

Join Tangle Network as a validator. Leverage the power of restaking paired with our advanced multi-party computation services to enhance your impact.

Provide MPC Services

Take on crucial MPC roles to unlock increased earnings and exclusive opportunities within the Tangle ecosystem.

Amplified Rewards

Earn more by diving deeper into the network's operations. Our reward system is designed to acknowledge your contributions to our cryptographic backbone.

Grow with the Community

Your restaking doesn't just secure the network, it cements your stake in our collective success. As Tangle evolves, so do your opportunities.