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Threshold Signature Service

Secure Signatures, Distributed Trust

Integrate cutting-edge privacy and security into your application, with Tangle's threshold signature solution.
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Threshold Signature as Service (TSSaaS)

Signatures are pervasive in the design of blockchain bridges, oracles, and custody solutions. Tangle provides signatures as a service using threshold cryptography as a first-class citizen of the protocol.


Developers can leverage TSS services for enhanced security and key management, ensuring no single point of failure and maintaining signer anonymity.
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Validators provide TSS services via a distributed key generation (DKG) protocol to create a key used for threshold signing with Tangle's restaking infrastructure.  
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Threshold Signature Schemes

TSS offer several core benefits that enhance security, efficiency, and flexibility in various cryptographic applications.

Enhanced Security

By distributing the signing capability among multiple parties, TSS reduce the risk of a single point of failure, making it much harder for attackers to compromise the entire signing process.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Replacing private keys in multi-signature setups can be complex and costly.  TSS allow the generation of different key share combinations without the need for on-chain transactions or exposing the private key.

Flexibility and Privacy

TSS can be executed without revealing which participants in the group have signed, thus maintaining the privacy of the signers and the confidentiality of the transaction.
Threshold signature schemes

How It Works

A distributed approach to key management and signature generation, ensuring that no single participant can unilaterally create a signature.
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Signature Schemes with Unlimited Possibilities

Tangle supports various signature schemes, enabling diverse use cases tailored to projects' security needs, efficiency, and application context.

Schnorr (FROST)

Notable for its key aggregation and streamlined anonymity.
Flexibility and Efficiency
Key Aggregation
Preprocessing Phase
Single-Round Signing
Supported Curves: Secp256k1, Ed25519, Ed448, P256, P384, Ristretto255 and more


Aggregation of multiple signatures into a single compact signature.
Signature Aggregation
Deterministic Signatures
Bilinear Pairings
Used in Ethereum 2.0 and Chia for consensus protocols & validator authentication
Supported Curve: BLS381


Widely adopted and robust security with elliptic curve cryptography.
Widespread Adoption
Threshold Capability
Non-linear Signing Equations
Used in Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions
Supported Implementations: