Tangle Network's mainnet launch is coming soon!

Tangle Mainnet Launch is Coming Soon

— Join us in revolutionizing cross-chain ZK applications and enhance privacy in the blockchain ecosystem.


Tangle Mainnet Powered by TNT Token

The Tangle Network Token (TNT) serves serves as the gateway for participants to access the network’s vital functions.

Transactions and Gas Metering

Paying for transaction fees on the network and supporting the gas metering of smart contract execution.

Stake and Restake

Validators unlock advanced cryptographic services, while earning additional rewards with Tangle's restaking framework.
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On-chain Governance

Facilitating the Tangle's advanced governance mechanism, including proposing referenda, electing council members, and voting.

Protocol Security

Incentivizing validators and powering the mechanics around the creation of a decentralized node infrastructure.
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Token Supply & Distribution

With the upcoming mainnet and TNT token launch, Tangle embraces a strategic allocation model that underlines the network's dedication to sustainable growth, proactive community engagement, and fair expansion.

Catalyze the Ecosystem

As we gear toward the mainnet launch, Tangle's token distribution is thoughtfully designed to honor the community's efforts, ensuring your contributions yield tangible rewards.

Incentivized Airdrop

Rise through the leaderboard ranks, claim your share in the 2% TNT token airdrop, and celebrate the value of your contributions to our thriving community.
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Testnet Leaderboard Campaign

Our Tangle Testnet Leaderboard highlights top contributors, ranked by points earned through becoming an active validator! Are you ready to climb the ranks?
Network Contributors
Active Validators
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Network Participation

Whether you're looking to run a validator node, participate in our DApps, or engage with the community, here's how to start.

Stay Updated

Ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest announcements and updates. Subscribe to our official channels, including our website, newsletter, and social media platforms.
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Set Up a Wallet

To interact with Tangle, you’ll need a compatible substrate-based wallet, and ensure it’s updated to the latest version. We recommend PolkadotApps for a secure experience.
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Acquire Tokens

Tangle's native token TNT will be essential for various network activities. Users can obtain TNT through our initial distribution events, grants, on-chain actions, or exchanges.
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Connect to the Network

RPCs are exposed as a method on a specific module. Once the network is live, connect your wallet to our chain using the provided RPC endpoints.
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Interact with Smart Contracts

Developers can deploy their Ethereum smart contracts on our chain, taking advantage of the EVM compatibility. Use popular Ethereum tool sand frameworks for a seamless development experience.
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Staking and Validation

To secure our network, participate as validators or nominators. Detailed guides on the rewards mechanism, staking and setting up a validator node are available on our documentation.
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Everything you need to know about Tangle's upcoming mainnet launch. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please reach out to our team & community.
What is Tangle Network?
Tangle Network is a Substrate-based blockchain infrastructure engineered to deliver decentralized cloud services through Multi-Party Computation (MPC) as a Service (MPCaaS). Enabled by validator restaking, Tangle provides an ideal framework for application development that prioritizes privacy through the secure computation of private inputs.
What is the TNT token?
The TNT token is utilized not only for transactions, governance, and staking rewards but also enables validators to engage in various MPC roles through a restaking process. This innovative mechanism allows validators to contribute to the network's security and efficiency while participating in Multi-Party Computation services, further expanding the utility and versatility of the TNT token within the Tangle Network ecosystem. For a comprehensive understanding of TNT's role, visit the Tangle Network documentation.
Will there be a TNT token airdrop, and who is eligible?
An upcoming TNT token airdrop will reward early supporters and active contributors. Participation in the testnet could make you eligible for the airdrop, and the leaderboard campaign offers additional rewards for various activities.
What is the strategy for TNT token distribution and who can become a validator?
TNT tokens are distributed among various stakeholders including the Tangle Foundation, treasury, the core developers (Webb), investors, and through airdrops. Anyone meeting the criteria outlined in Tangle's documentation can become a validator to help secure the network and earn rewards.
How can I become a validator, and what are the rewards?
To become a validator, you'll need to stake TNT tokens and run a node. Validators are crucial for the network's security and receive rewards based on era points accrued from various network activities. Learn more about validator rewards here.

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Final Testnet before Mainnet Launch of Tangle Network (v0.6.1)

Announcement: the latest and final version of Tangle testnet before the launch of mainnet.
10 Jan 2024
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Validator Onboard FAQ

To become a Tange validator requires substantial system administration skills to set up infrastructure and resolve anomalies independently. Follow security best practices, as this is crucial for success.
24 Nov 2023
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Tangle Network Validator Onboarding Pause

With hundreds of validator onboarded since the launch of our testnet, our team has decided to pause onboarding in order to ensure careful stability and scaling of the network.
24 Nov 2023
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An External Code Analysis of Tangle Network and dkg-substrate Repositories

A rigorous external analysis performed by Security Research Labs.
20 Oct 2023
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Announcing the Tangle Network Testnet Launch

Webb is excited to announce the Testnet launch of the Tangle Network testnet, a major milestone in realizing our vision.
29 Sep 2023
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Tangle Network completes Substrate Builders Program with achievement of M3

Webb is thrilled to announce that we have successfully achieved Milestone 3 of the Substrate Builders Program.
1 Aug 2023
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Tangle Network Release: v0.2.4

Tangle Network's updates improved speed, security, operational parameters, startup, documentation clarity, and Distributed Key Generation.
7 Jul 2023
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Tangle Network achieves Substrate BPM2

We are thrilled to announce that Tangle Network has completed Milestone #2 of the Substrate Builders Program by Parity Technologies.
30 Jun 2023
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