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Tangle Mainnet Launch!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Tangle mainnet. We can’t wait for developers to join the ecosystem and kickstart MPC innovation.
Published on
April 10, 2024

Overview of the Tangle Mainnet Services and Governance.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Tangle mainnet. The mainnet launch of Tangle marks an important milestone in enabling Validators on the Tangle Network.

Soon after launch, Tangle will integrate the first validated services– Threshold Signatures as a Service (TSSaaS). With TSSaaS, developers can build various applications leveraging digital signatures with configurable trust parameters. For instance, Tangle's Multi Party Computation systems can incorporate new Threshold signature schemes such as ECDSA, Schnorr, and BLS over a wide range of elliptic curves (Secp256k1, Secp256r1, Stark, BLS381, Ed25519, Ed448) enhancing security by distributing signature generation among multiple parties, and reducing the risk of key compromise.

In the next phase, the protocol will facilitate the launch of multiple Services, leveraging the robust foundation provided by Tangle Validators. For a preview of some potential Services & Applications on Tangle Network, see these open source projects:

Once Validators and multiple Services are launched on Tangle, we’ll initiate phase 4 of the roadmap where we delegate authority to the Tangle on-chain community. While Webb led the pre-launch development of Tangle, the team intends to step back, solidify Tangle as a DAO, and act as a participant in Tangle's on-chain governance system. Future upgrades will depend on code changes proposed and approved by governance participants.

The launch of Tangle mainnet marks a significant milestone in our mission to create a decentralized network for cryptographic innovation. Join us on this exciting journey to unlock Tangle's full potential building the future of distributed Multi-Party Computation.

To learn more about Tangle, join the community.

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